One-on-One Financial Coaching

All Packages Include

  •  Private one-on-one coaching calls (2 calls per month)
  •  Review of current financial situation
  •  Review of spending habits & financial behavior 
  •  Discussion about relationship with money
  •  Custimized plan for short and long term finanical goals
  • Finanically Fit Bootcamp 4 Week Course ($129 value)

  • Budget planning and creation
  • Debt elimination plan 
  • Analysis of current credit score + tools and resources to dispute negative information 
  • Maintenance plan
  • Access to private membership group ($29 value)

1 Month Coaching Package 

Investment: $299

3 Month Coaching Package

Investment: $599

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What Our Clients Say

"We were struggling as a couple to get on the same page. After we met with the Stepps, they really helped us listen to each other and come to agreements on what steps we needed to take with our finances. They gave us realistic goals. We no longer have the same type of arguments we used to have. We now have the tools to use to help us reach our goals." 


"Your course, and when we went on our date, got us both unstuck with money and it really opened our communication about money with each other."  


"Alex and Ebony Stepp are experts at guiding their students through the process of honestly evaluating their present financial reality, envisioning where they'd like to be, and then taking them step by step to successfully reach their goals."


"This course couldn't have came at a better time. It's definitely taken away the fear I had of dealing with my debt."