Financially Fit Bootcamp

The weight of debt can often make you feel oppressed or even like a slave in the most suffocating way. Seemingly, it makes it easy to lose hope, give up and sink further into the cycle of living above your means.  

What if you could create the lifestyle you really wanted without the stress of managing debt?

What if you could live in complete financial freedom without worry? 

What if you could learn to strengthen your marriage through your financial conversations, instead of starting a war every time you sit down with your spouse? 

What if you could teach your kids about living a financially responsible life so they never have to feel the weight of debt? 

Why We Created Financially Fit Bootcamp

Our MISSION is to educate and prevent other couples from being susceptible to the pitfalls of personal finances. 

We were like the average American couple, working to spend money and never working towards a common goal for our household. We were living what we thought to be the “American Dream.” We had a new car, new home, new truck and a new boat. Life couldn’t get any better for us. We really felt happy and successful. 

Eventually, our situation started to take a toll on us and instead of uniting and working towards the problem together, subconsciously we started blaming each other for the mess we were in. We had racked up $370,000 worth of new debt and within a blink of an eye, the material things we purchased now owned us! There was a lot of stress, frustration, resentment and denial between the two of us and it wasn’t until the both of us took true ownership of the part we played in our financial situation that things started to change. 

It was a tough hole to crawl out of but we did it and can proudly say that we are 100% debt free! Now, our mission is to teach other couples, who’s in the same situation that we were in, how to dig themselves out of that hole together! 

As you work towards becoming Financially Fit, it’s very important that you have a solid plan, system and support group. We've created this bootcamp using all the processes and systems that helped us get out of debt and start living a life of financial freedom. 

You don't have to stress about how your going to start cleaning up your debt, how you will talk to your spouse about your finanical situation or how you will find the money to start saving for you future because we've done all the work for you. 

This bootcamp will be your roadmap to help you and your spouse work together and become debt free so you can live the life you dream of.

We're so excited to work with you!

Investment: $129 

What to expect during the 4-week course?

  • Learn how to set realistic and measurable financial goals
  • Learn how to communicate about finances
  • Learn how to create roles for managing your finances
  • Learn how to create a simple budget that you can manage long term
  • Learn how to calculate and understand your debt to income ratio
  • Learn how to determine where your money should go
  • Learn the daily habits of people who is debt free
  • Learn how to access and read your credit score
  • Learn how to clean up your credit report and handle fraud
  • Learn how to determine if you should rent or own
  • Learn how to have fun and enjoy life while budgeting

What makes this course different?

We know there are alot of other financial course out there and avenues you can take to become financially free. And honestly, there need to be because we are seeing more and more people in financial trouble then ever before. Not to mentioned the high precentage of marriages that end due to money problems. 

We've read some amazing financial books and purchased some great budget sheets and programs but what was lacking for us was being able to ask questions or get live and personal support when we ran into a snag. When that "snag" happened, we would spend hours searching for the answer on blogs and sites leading to uncertainty and frustration which eventually lead to us giving up completely and goig back to our bad habits. 

Having that in mind, we wanted to make sure we provided that human factor in our course. Our course will not only give you the knowledge, but you will also get the tools, resources as well as real person mentorship. 

We've created this program in a way that will allow us to be there with you every step of the way. We will show you how to take our lessons learned and weave the systems and tools we've used to pay off over $300K in debt, into your personal finances.  

This course has everything you need to break the hold of debt on your life so you can live in true freedom!

What's included in our 4-week course?

Course content and comprehensive guide

Accountability group where you can ask questions any time 

A 20 minute personal consult call with us to discuss your individual circumstances, needs and plan 

1 Live group accountability calls 

Weekly videos with additional information to go along with that week's content and course work

Daily action items to help you move toward financial freedom 

This course has everything you need to say goodbye to debt and hello to living a financially stress-free life! 

This will change your life!

We know this course will change your life because the tools and systems we share with you, are the same ones we used to change ours! We've gone through the process and we know that you will have some tough days but we also know that with the right systems, support and tools, it can be done! Becuase of that, we are committed to helping others avoid the hard lessons we learned while minimizing debt. Financial freedom is all about deciding what you truly value so you can spend your money on those things. Let us help you move from financially burdened, overwhelmed and stressed to financially savvy, wise and free!

Our next course starts June 5th so if your ready and serious about taking control of your financies, register now. 

Investment: $129 

We guarantee that if you follow this course and everything we’ve outlined, you will leave with a solid plan to pay off your debt and a budget that is clearly focused on your family’s goals. 

In addition, you will be equipped with the knowledge to manage your finances well and continue to live a financially fit lifestyle long after our course ends.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course? 4 weeks, with 1 new modules every day M-F. You're able to go back and reference old modules at any time. 

How do I get started? The first step is to schedule a free consult with us. Click HERE to schedule your call today.. 

How much is it? The course is $129. 

How can I pay for a course if I can't pay my bills? Without sacrifice there is no benefit, and the small sacrifice of $197 is very low compared to the dividends doing this course will pay you for years to come. 

What are the lessons like? There will be 20 lessons that's broken up into 5 lessons per week. Every week begins with a video that introduces and breaks down the weekly assignments step by step. This will ensure you understand and know how to implement the systems and processes you learn. All lessons and spreadsheets are downloadable.

Can I join even if my spouse does not want to? From experience, we know the importance of working on your finances together. When only one spouse is invested, it just doesn't work. This must be a team effort so if your spouse is not on board, we recommend that you sit down with them and communicate how much you want them to participate in your finances. This is not the time to nag or fight, simply explain to them how much it means to you to do this together, as a team. 

Can I join if I'm single? Yes, if your single you can join this course. We do recommend that you appoint an accountability partner to help you through the process. We discuss the importance of this in more detail during the course. 

What Our Clients Say

"We were struggling as a couple to get on the same page. After we met with the Stepps, they really helped us listen to each other and come to agreements on what steps we needed to take with our finances. They gave us realistic goals. We no longer have the same type of arguments we used to have. We now have the tools to use to help us reach our goals."  


"Your course, and when we went on our date, got us both unstuck with money and it really opened our communication about money with each other." 


"Alex and Ebony Stepp are experts at guiding their students through the process of honestly evaluating their present financial reality, envisioning where they'd like to be, and then taking them step by step to successfully reach their goals. Unlike other financial management programs, they are accessible to and interactive with their students through the daily group coaching which has provided a phenomenal level of support and accountability. Their simple yet poignant questions and tactical worksheets have led to some of the most strategic and productive conversations and goal-setting sessions that my husband and I have had in years. This course was long overdue." 


"This course couldn't have came at a better time. It's definitely taken away the fear I had of dealing with my debt." 

~Whitney K